Rassem Khamaisi

Town and Regional Planner and Urban Geographer, Lecture in theDepartment of Geography.

1979-1981      B.A.       Geography and Urbanization, Ben Gurion University, Ber Sheva.

1982-1985      M.Sc.     Town and Regional Planning, Faculty of Architecture and City Planning Technion, Israel Institute of Technology (topic:  Industrialization in the Arab Villages in Israel, Supervisor: Prof. Dan  Czamanski, 168 p.)

1989-1993      Ph.D.      Geography, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel


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Home phone: 06 6516662
Office phone: 04 8240389
Prof. Khamaisi Rassem

Department of Geography

University of Haifa

Mount Carmel Campus

Haifa, 31905 ISRAEL




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